Yerevan to Batumi

Posted by on 25 October 2012

Well we are now in Batumi for a few days of rest. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

When we left Yerevan 3 days ago. The view from our Hotel:

The landscape:

We went to see Ani, which is in fact now in Turkey. But the border around this area is guarded by Russians. It was a dirt road with a lot of stones to get there luckily for us it has not rained here for quite some time. Unfortunately we where not allowed to get inside the guarded area. So there is not much to see from behind these gates.

After some lunch we moved on back to Georgia.

We came through a beautiful valley and got to Akhaltiske around nightfall it was a long ride today.

The route:

We found a hotel and went out for some dinner. The next morning we wanted to visit the city’s castle and then go to see the cave city near Vardzia. On the way to the castle we stopped for fuel and there where 3 guys from Turkey on 2 BMW GS’s and a Honda Pan European. We went to see the Castle together and I got an invitation to visit them in Istanbul. The Castle is well maintained and looked after. There is a mosque and a church inside. It was great fun meeting those guys and to spent some time with them.

We then went to see the cave city. It was quite impressive to see and visit, but quite the climb to get up there.

Spot the bike:

On our way out of there we overtook a fan from France, we stopped and decided to have some tea at the next cafe. They were 2 couples. One owning the fan and they did a long trip and also visit Turkmenistan. The other being halve France halve Turkish. After the tea we had to move on. We found a Hotel in Borjomi a bit sooner than foreseen but my stomach was not enjoining something I eat as much as I did.

The route:

Yesterday morning I felt a bit better and we made it to Batumi although the last 30 Km was though some hard rain and we both got soaked.

The route:

My stomach is still upset so I might see a doctor/pharmacist today as I start to feel a bit weak as well. Also I have to sort out a problem on the bike as one of the oil-seals on the front-fork is leaking. As far as I could figure out the closest BMW dealer is in Istanbul and I do not think I will make it that far without damaging anything.

Combined route pic:


Steven and Sarah

3 Responses to Yerevan to Batumi

  1. Christos

    Get well soon!!!! You should both enjoy this magnificent trip.

  2. Norman Strater

    Mooie plaatjes! Succes met je maag en de motor.

  3. Von

    Wat een geweldige trip, amazing and stunning views. Genieten maar! Dx, Von

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