Wroclaw, Wolsly’s first day off

Posted by on 8 September 2012

Yesterday I decided that today would be a rest day well that turned out to be rest day for the bike.

Driving to the hotel I saw this sign:

It states that it is only 4 Km away. Hell not!!! At Least not the way I walked.

In general I have a good sense off direction and I can be a bit determent or even as some might say stubborn but if I want something I will get it one way or the other. So off I went to solve one problem.

It was a nice walk passing some interesting things but it took me through a field and alongside a highway to cross a river.


At some point I thought Poland had gotten the best of my sense of direction, if you look well you can see the “now leaving Wroclaw” sign on the left:

So I turned back but was not willing to give up I then took an other road and found this:

They did not sell sleeping-bags there so I continued.

The ministers must have had a party last night as the clock was a few hours off. It must have been about 11:00 o’ clock when I past.

I did find the Dechatlon and next to it was an Auchan;

The thing was so big it contained a Mediamarkt the size off the one in Amsterdam zuid-oost.

On my way back I discovered the secret off Poland not having a economical crisis:

Chuck approves the banks here!!!!!!

I got what I wanted and solved one problem, a new sleeping-bag:

I bought me a +15 deg sleeping-bag, now I here you thinking you have a +10 deg bag now why  would you buy one that is mend for higher temperatures. Well I bought it big enough to fit the +10 bag and compering the volume of a -5 deg bag or even a 0 deg bag I knew I could not fit one of those in my waterproof rolls. The only thing is I still needs to get rid of something I just do not know what.

And Murphy is always close by………………………. One thing solved means other things arise:

Once I treated the blisters and had my lunch, bought at Auchan, I went out to a near by park to do some reading:

But it soon started raining so I haded back to the hotel.

Tomorrow Auschwitz and camping again. I do not know when I will have Internet again maybe at some happy clowns place selling burgers.

The weather should be getting better the coming days and I am hoping for some warm days riding.



7 Responses to Wroclaw, Wolsly’s first day off

  1. Neeltje

    Je hebt je heel goed op van alles en nog wat voorbereid, behalve kennelijk op zo’n lange wandeling.
    Ik hoop dat het inmiddels wat beter gaat en je ook nog hebt kunnen rondwandelen op Auschwitz.
    Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je ervaring en het vervolg van je reisavontuur

  2. jisse

    Ca a l’air de bien se passer pour toi, j’espere que tu auras une meilleur meteo.
    Hier ( samedi ) lucie ,Manon et moi avons vu Sara, t’inquietes pas , on prendra soin d’elle, profites de ton voyage.

  3. doncker

    bonjour Steven
    J’ai pu constaté que tu as de jolis pieds…. t’inquiète tu n’es pas le seul, Mickael est parti et bientôt avec la marche qu’il devra faire il aura les mêmes que toi… bonne continuation et merci pour ce blog, ça fait plaisir d’avoir de tes nouvelles. bisous de toute la famille. (le reste de la famille est rentré hier soir très fatigué et un peu plié en 2 car la C1 à 4 pas très confortable).

  4. Everhard

    Ik dacht even dat je zo’n home-trainer wilde kopen! Niet eens zo’n slecht idee trouwens, want ja, je zit wel de hele dag en dat blijkt ook wel omdat je, als je ook maar éven gaat wandelen, meteen een blaar hebt!
    Ik hoop dat je een fijne dag gehad hebt en goed dat je naar Auschwitz gaat: zal indruk op je maken.
    Veel plezier verder en mooi weer toegewenst!

  5. sarah doncker

    Ça c’ est l’ aventure! Des bonnes cloques au pied. Vraiment la mission pour trouver le decathlon. Jolies photos! Profites-en bien. Ça va être bizarre d’ aller à Auschwitz…mais bon ca fait partie de l’ histoire. À bientôt. Gros bisous!

  6. Norman

    Wat is de naam van het hotel waar je zit? Wel leuk om via Google Streetview te kijken waar je zit en hoe ver je had kunnen lopen naar de Decathlon :)… Suc6 morgen in Auschwitz.

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