Volgograd to Astakhan

Posted by on 5 October 2012

I spend the next day with Vitaly and his wife. He works at his home and he was able to show me some interesting places in Volgograd.

The building behind me is the last building to stand after the big WW2 battle that took place here. Now it is part of a museum that was unfortunately closed that day.

Everywhere in Russia and Ukraine you find reminders of WW2 just standing somewhere. Like a tank or airplane. Here also:

The famouse MIG-21

And a train:

After that we went to the most impressive monument I have ever seen:

It is f#%king gigantic, not only the hight of the statue in the back but the whole complex.

She rises about 78 meters but it is hard to show that in a picture

That night we had a party at Vitaly’s home. Dimitri and his wife where there and another friend.

The next day the bike got a well deserved wash:

And after that it was time to move on:

I went to Akhtubinsk were I would meet up with Aleksey, a friend of Dimitri and Vitaly. He would then show me some interesting places around his hometown.

Aleksey is part of a motorcycle club, we had some dinner in there clubhouse. We then went for some beer and with the help of some alcohol and google-translate we had a great evening at his house.

The next day we went for our bikes and since there would be some off-road riding involved I took off the panniers. We first did a ride through some fields near a river. It was great fun and I had some good practice.

We then went back to the clubhouse for some food.


We waited for some other clubmembers to show up and then we went to a cave near the Kazagstan border.

There was a lot of mud so when after about 30 to 45 minutes we came back out we all looked like pigs.

It was great fun we had to slide off some rocks and climb back up them and sometimes needed to help each other in order to get across some obstacle.

My stickers are going fast so I ordered some new ones for Sarah to bring.

At the club house we cleaned up as best we could and had some chicken.

The guy in the back is also called Aleksey and he build this chopper:

I think it is beautiful and the sound the exhaust made was great.

The next morning Aleksey had to go to work and his wife had to bring there son to daycare so at around 11 the other Aleksey came to pick me up and I could move on to Astrakhan. The road was boring as there is only steppe out there.

The route:

Last evening I met up with some friends of Aleksey here in Astrakhan and today one of them will show me the city as it has a beautiful Kremlin and other interesting things to see and visit.

Saturday I will move on to Elista. The guys here in Astrakhan have some friends there so they will be waiting for me. The motorcycle community here in Russia is enormous and if you have just one friend here you seem to have a million you did not know about. So far Russia has been one hell of a ride with so much kindness and great experiences. Keep them coming my yet unknown friends!!!!!



7 Responses to Volgograd to Astakhan

  1. mohamed

    Gozer hoe gaat ie man??
    Ik ben blij te lezen dat het goed met je gaat en datje vrienden hebt kunnen maken …… hoop dat de rest van de reis ook zo zal verlopen …..

    Hoop snel weer wat nieuws van je te lezen.

    Groetjes man


    • wolsly

      He, Mo jongen.
      Hoe was de bruiloft van je zus?
      Alles gaat goed hier en ook het fietsje houd zich netjes aan de afspraak.



  2. Neeltje

    Hoi Steven,
    Ik realiseerde me net dat je nu waarschijnlijk een moeilijk stuk van je reis krijgt. Ik hoop dat je op dit traject ook steeds motorvrienden hebt die je vriendelijk ontvangen en je verder kunnen gidsen.
    hopelijk tot vanavond

  3. Everhard

    Geweldig allemaal! Wat een avontuur en je bent nog niet eens op de helft! Erg indrukwekkend hoe de WOII daar nog leeft: geen goed plan zo’n oorlog nog eens over te doen en gelukkig breng en krijg jij veel vriendschap: dat is het beste medicijn tegen oorlog. Succes, medicijnman! Ik geniet van je belevenissen en verhalen en ik wás al trots op je…ben dat nu nog meer!

  4. Ice

    Lots of interesting stories, pictures and nice friendly people….
    Did you find anything in the cave?
    I’m wondering what the next story will be….

  5. Neeltje

    Hoi Steven, wat fantastisch om overal vrienden te hebben. Ik moet je zeggen dat het me heel erg gerust gesteld heeft. Wat een belevenissen allemaal – leuk ook om al die foto’s te zien. Jammer dat ik er gisteravond niet was. Ik hoop dat het vanavond lukt met skypen. Je bent nu al wel heel dichtbij Tiblisi.
    Ga je nog een beetje vakantie houden aan de Kaspische zee? Ik ben heel benieuwd naar foto”s daarvan
    Hoe is het weer eigenlijk?Kun je zwemmen in de Kaspische zee?
    ik hoop tot vanavond met skypen

  6. Vitali from Volgograd

    “The motorcycle community here in Russia is enormous and if you have just one friend here you seem to have a million you did not know about.”

    I didn’t realise it unless your trip )

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