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There was something wrong with my footwear:

But why? I hear you thinking, well:

So I got myself some fancy Italian footwear:

It ain’t no Gucci or Armani or what not, but it does the trick.

I always thought that we Dutch people were a bit crazy living below sea level and all, but I never considered that living “at” sea level would have certain consequences as well. I always understood that the Mediterranean sea did not have any low tide /high tide thing.

But lets start at the beginning. Parking is quite expensive in Venice, about € 27 for a day. Motorcycles however can park for free at the entrance of the city.

The guy from the hotels reception told me to take the “water” bus number 1. It is the slower one but you get to see more.

There should be 3 statues here, I wander what happened?

Maybe he/she went for a swim?

On the “water”bus there was a lady that warned me about my shoes and told me that high-tide would be around midday. Another told me that you could buy the fancy footwear pretty much everywhere and that it is not that expensive. I quickly understood that it would be a necessity.

This is around 11:30:

This at noon:

I knew Venice had some water issues, but I do think that we “Dutchies” have ours a bit more under control though. But I was not the only one that got the surprise. I saw a Japanese guy carrying his wife while she was holding his shoes.

Anyway, some more pics:

I wander if the water level has gone up so much that these stairs where once above the water line:

They say that the city is sinking and all the melting ice on the north and south pool should have some negative effect as well.

I saw a bunch of these, I do not know what they are:

There is clear evidence of the city slowly disintegrating look at the pavement:

You can clearly sea the red residue coming from the bricks.

This little boot was waiting for its master to come back:

I wander which overpaid football player was also shopping for fancy Italian footwear?

While I was having something to drink all these guys showed up:

I had myself a bit of an Alfred Hitchcock moment!!!

It started raining and I had seen enough water for the day so I went back to the hotel and prepped for tomorrow.

I took my new GPS logger along just to see how accurate the think is well see for yourself:

Another funny story is that this new logger did not come with something to mount on the bike to hold it. Garmin would not be Garmin if they did not sell it separate. The thing is that I did not think about it back in Istanbul. But next to the hotel here in Mestre there is a bicycle shop and guess what they had one on stock. So here it is:

Oh and I promised my dad a pic of the odometer:

You all can look back at one of my earliest posts and figure out how many km’s it has been so far.



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  1. Neeltje

    Wat een natte zooi daar zeg. Ik hoop dat je het voor de rest van je reis een beetje droog houdt. Ook al heb je nu het goeie schoeisel. Rij je daar nu mee op de motor?
    Goeie reis – we wachten met spanning op je.

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