To Yerevan, Armenia

Posted by on 23 October 2012

I am a few days behind but have had no time to do any updates. We are now back in Georgia and we will have a few days rest in Batumi tomorrow. So then I will post the rest….

We set off at around 9:30 from Tbilisi but it was clouded and cold. We got out of the city quite fast and the Armenian border is not that far but due to the weather it was pretty hard on Sarah being a little sick already.

 I had booked a hotel in Tsaghkadzor and when we got there it sort of looked abandoned. The girl at the reception showed us a room and it was cold and not really attractive. When we decided to leave and look elsewhere, a friendly English speaking man came to see us and then they showed us another room. In there they had prepared and there was a mobile heater running, clean sheets, etc. We had to take a shower in another room since hot water was not working in our room. We did get a discount on the room and the friendly man brought us to one of the most bizarre and wonderful restaurants we had ever been. The place consisted of small cabin’s with just a table and some chairs. The waiters had to run around the place to serve everybody. The food was excellent and we both thought that we would pay the high price and feared we did not have enough money on us. But we were pleasantly surprised as it was not even that expensive.

We slept ok but the overall feel of the hotel was weird. The weather was a lot better.

This morning we left for Garni, a temple close to Yerevan. Along the way we stopped at a rest area and there were a bunch of school kids there that all wanted to sit on the bike and put on our helmets. They were all about 10 years old and just started learning English. So we all counted to 10 in English out loud.

The temple itself is not that spectacular but the views around it where.

After that we went to Yerevan this time we had a better hotel. We went for a walk around city center and had some dinner.

Tomorrow we will try to visit Ani, the former Armenian capital and head back to Georgia.

The route:

2 Responses to To Yerevan, Armenia

  1. anneke Burger-van der Blom

    Dag Steven en Sarah,

    Zojuist jullie foto’s gezien als impressie van de avonturenreis.Van Neeltje las ik dat ze jou Sarah ging wegbrengen naar Schiphol. Sommige foto’s waren een bijzonder geheel zoals die vogel van glanzend draad en dat dikke mannetje als militairtje. De bergenfoto deed me denken aan het landschap in Schotland.
    Steeds genoten van jouw/jullie verhalen en belevenissen,
    voor beiden straks een goede thuisreis op de motor en thuiskomst met heel veel ervaringen,

    Anneke Burger-van der Blom, portret/dier/muurschilder (kennis van Neeltje)

  2. Everhard

    Hee, leuk om weer van je te horen. Fijn dat het jullie goed gaat. Ik bewonder Sarah, want ikzelf vind er dus helemaal niks aan om achterop te zitten. Wat is het een mooi gebied, zeg! En houdt de motor zich goed? Ben benieuwd naar de staat van je banden: ben je al aan nieuwe toe of houden ze het goed vol? Ik moet morgen met mijn motor naar Motorport: ik heb startproblemen en ik vrees dat het de accu niet is! Geniet van elkaar en het reizen en het land! Veel plezier!

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