To the Mediterranean sea

Posted by on 10 November 2012

Petrol in very expensive in Turkey so I tend to make a lot of Km’s on the days I travel and then stay only in places I want to visit something. So the last few days have been 6 ½ hours / 450 km a day to get from one place to another. I had to make one stopover somewhere on the coast at Tasucu.

The hotel was just 5 meters from the beach and the temperature was about 28 deg when I arrived.

The route:

The sunset:

The next day I planned to go to Olympos and that mend a 500 km trip to get there. Along the way I met Ben from Australia on a F800GS also heading for Olympos. We decided to travel there together. I had booked a cabin at a tree house lodge and got the GPS coordinates of the place in my TomTom but on arrival we had entered the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos on our bikes.

The route:

It was a long day and we were both exhausted when we finally got to the lodge. There was a campfire going and we kind of had a beer to many. Ben’s intention was to leave the next day as he is on a tight schedule to get to Istanbul. But it was raining the next morning and we both had a hangover he decided to stay an extra day. The afternoon we went to see the ruins by daylight.

The lodge:

The ruins:

The day after we moved on to Marmaris just as a stopover again as we both want to get to Efes and see the ruins. It was a great ride today. The roads are just amazing.


The place we stayed in Marmaris was weird. The bungalow we had was cold and the place was in a state of decay. But at least the food was OK and the bikes were safe.

More about Efes soon.

2 Responses to To the Mediterranean sea

  1. René Sturkenboom

    Hallo Steven,

    Hoogste tijd om een een reply te doen, het gaat snel zo!
    Het is leuk om te lezen dat je op veel plekken gastvrij ontvangen wordt en dat je een leuke avond kan hebben zonder dat je elkaars taal verstaat ! 🙂
    Cappadocia is nog net zo mooi als toen ik er was, we hadden toen helaas geen tijd voor een ballonvlucht. Efese is schitterend, ook als je niet dol bent op ruines!

    goede reis nog, hou je haaks!

    René St

  2. Leod Dam


    Het ziet er allemaal weer geweldig uit, wat een fantastische trip maak je toch.
    Om met zo’n mooi weer bij zonsondergang aan te komen lijk me geweldig.
    Ik volg sowieso het weer een beetje op de plaatsen waar jij vertoeft, dus de regen had ik al verwacht.
    Hou je taai!


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