The Balkans

Posted by on 28 November 2012

I left early from Ioannina and it was foggy and cold. I crossed the border with Albania and it was painless and quick. I then descended in to a valley witch was still in a thick layer of fog.  A pitty because from what I saw through some holes in the fog it should be baeutiful.

Once I got out of the valley the sun was shinning. On this pic you can see the fog I just came out of.

Then mountains again:

The road is interesting they are making it wider and putting down new tarmac. But this happens in sections. Sometimes there is about 500 meters of gravel and sometimes only 1 meter between new road sections. And maybe because of the road works they removed the roadsigns or they just do not have them.  TomTom knowledge of Albania is limited and so is mine.

The route:

I arrived in Durrës in the early afternoon. I had a walk around town and the beach it is a strange place though. At the sea side most building are new and the roads are good but behind my hotel you can see the old city which still has dirt/gravel roads and no flats. The only restaurants I could find where fast food or pizza places. The day before I had pizza in Ioannina as it was the only thing I could find that was open. So now I went to a supermarket and got me some bread, cheese and mandarins.

Sunset at the beach:

I think Albania needs/deserves more then just 2 days but unfortunately I need to move on.

So the next day I made my way to Dubrovnik, Croatia

The route:

My knowledge of Albania and that of TomTom got us somewhat lost as I tried to follow the old road that TomTom was showing and at some places it was just not there anymore. I decided just to stick to the new tarmac as again roadsigns where nowhere to be found and found my way to the Montenegro border. Montenegro took me by surprice what a baeutiful place. And those roads…… Twistty mountain roads and stunning views.

Some ruins:

As you are constantly going up or down it is hard to stop and make pictures. Also you would be stopping constantly. Again Montenegro needs and deserves more then just a half day ridding across.

One funny thing happend though, there is a lake in Montenegro and you have 2 option take a ferry or ride around it. As I did not have any local currancy I wanted to ride around it but, again something with road signs, about a 1/4 around the road was bloked and I had to turn around.

Once I got back at the ferry I found out that they except euro’s. It was only 2 euro to cross. In Albania I had to pay 2 euro for the internet which did not work. I payed with my creditcard but wanted my money back. So the girl at the reception gave me a 2 euro coin. So I could cross without having to unpack my luggage in surge for 2 euro. On the ferry there was a Russian archpriest, he came to talk to me about motorcycles. He owns a 1800cc Intruder. Once I told him I had been to Russia and spoke a little Russian he gave me his blessing, a book, 3050 rubles and 100 euro. Thank you again Nicolay.

That day took me through 2 borders into Croatia. I am now in Dubrovnik and had some great dinner last night and had my first sight on the well knonw old town.

It was a great riding day. It was around 360 km’s but it took me from 09:00 till 18:00. Today I will have a look around in Dubrovnik. It is rainy and there is a strong wind. The forecast is not that great for the coming days. Yesterday might have been the last sunny day on this trip….


5 Responses to The Balkans

  1. René Sturkenboom

    Hallo Steven,

    Dubrovnik en omstreken is inderdaad de moeite waard om langere tijd rond te kijken.
    Zeilen gaat ook goed, maar dat is een ander onderwerp 😉
    Geniet nog van het laatste stuk! Hier praat je nog jaren over…

    René Sturkenboom

    • wolsly

      Met het huidige weer zit ik niet graag op de motor laat staan op een zielboot.
      Het gaat nu echt goed tekeer hier.
      Ik hoop dat dat morgen ochtend wel over is.


  2. Everhard

    wat een tocht ben je toch aan het maken! Geweldig! Ben helemaal niet jaloers, je kent me! En je ziet gelukkig een hoop plekken waar je nog eens heen wilt dus houd die motor straks en spaar vakantiedagen op en do-it-again!
    Hoeveel km heb je nu gereden? Op één foto zag wel je km. teller, maar de stand kon ik niet lezen.
    Ben benieuwd.
    Geniet ze!

    • wolsly

      Ik zal er snel een foto van maken maar het zit nu rond de 17.000km.


  3. Neeltje

    Hoi Steven, wat jammer van het weer. Maar Bubrovnik is prachtig. Ik hoop dat je er ondanks het weer van geniet.

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