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Posted by on 23 May 2012

I have been busy with a couple of things.

I ordered new springs for the front and rear shock-absorber. We got the front one installed but the original rear spring was giving us a hard time and we reinstalled the shock. Next try will be coming Friday so I will keep you posted on that.












While we unmounted the rear wheel I found out that the rear brake-pads need to be changed and are worn uneven so we also need to take a closer look at that. New pads are on order.

As for the website I am trying to get a newsletter going. If you would subscribe as soon as I post something new on the site you will receive an E-mail telling you so and keep you up to date on my struggles, adventures and/or stupidities.

The route.

The border-crossing from Russia to Georgia is looking up so step by step I am going forward on my Russian visa application and I am trying to learn some Russian. I also put up this huge map of Europe on a wall:

I am setting out the route on it and am able to get a global idea of all the places I will pass.

For the trip I decided not to take a fancy, flashing, full touch ultra hyper smart phone. It will fall, get wet or disappear so I bought this robust little samsung B2100. Already it is lasting for about 8 days now?!?! Compared to my HTC desire which lasts just about 24 hours I think that is a big pro trip-wise. On the other hand I need to get used to the a,b and c being under the same button again.

Keep you posted




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