Posted by on 13 August 2012

And no they are not for more speed or extra down-force…..

Although the standard hand-guards on the R1150GS are OK for protection from underneath or head-on against water, little stones or whatever. In my opinion they are a little to low for wind protection.

So lets get the hammer out once more and bash something together OK:


Some PVC that can be shaped when heated:


The handguards:


Some heatgun, holes, nuts and bolts:

Cut into shape:

The other side:


Unbolted and ready for some paint:

Not my finest paint job but it will have to do:

Dry enough to fit:

Front view:

Until the next time







2 Responses to Spoilers

  1. ледяной

    Looks Russian allready:
    Efficient, Robust, Little bit more drag = a tiny bit more fuel consumption, not pretty,
    however this is not a beautycontest, so fit for the job!

  2. Dammes

    Good busy Steef! Mooi geworden.

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