Polygyros,Pyrgadikia and Polykastro

Posted by on 25 November 2012

In Thessaloniki I found these baby’s:

Until I get my heated grips sorted this will at least make a big difference, if not even make it better. It does not look that fancy though.

 I left Thessaoniki at around 08:30 and it would be about a 1 ½ hour drive to Pyrgadikia. It was raining in Thessaloniki so I got to ware my Oempa Loempa outfit again. Once near the cost the weather started to clear a bit.

Somehow that day was an off-day. The memory of my camera was full and it did not tell me that. I made a lot of pictures but only a few where actually stored. My new GPS-logger thingy did not connect to any satellites during the whole trip down to Pyrgadikia so now track was stored. And since they had a storm the night before there was now electricity in the village.

Anyhow the place has changed quite a bit. Also behind the beach. I had a walk on the beach, the valley at the end and the freshwater spring. It was all still there and felt familiar but it was different. Maybe because it has been 19 years since I have been here. Once back in town it was time for lunch and it seemed that only one place was still open. I had a frappe, some souvlaki and Choriatiki. Some guy sitting at an other table started talking to me. It was a nice surprise as his English was very good  and had the same passion for motorcycles and traveling as I have. When I told him that we used to spend a lot of time with the Drostinakis family. Janis told me that Panos was in town and helping out with collecting the olives. So after dinner he showed me where there house was. I did remember that it was up the hill but not much more than that. On our way up there Panos and his father passed us with there car. So I got to spend some time with them. It is amazing how the universe plays this kind of jokes/games. I mean Panos lives in Hamburg, Germany. The day that I show up in this small town, about 3000 km’s from both our homes, we get to meet and it turns out to be his birthday too.

So again Happy Birthday Panos.

But as I had someone waiting for me in Polygyros and the sun would set soon I had to move on.

On my way out of town:

Spot the sticker!!!

And the sunset:

The route:

I met up with John and his family in there house and we went out for a drink. While telling him and some of his friends about my trip and showing them some pictures I found out that a lot of pictures from Pyrgadikia got lost. The next morning after a very good sleep and a lovely breakfast we shared some more stories and he showed me some pictures of his travels. Then we went back to Pyrgadikia to get some pictures.

The beach:

Now that we were not alone we parked the bikes on the beach:


The NO CAMPING sign is still there:

The restaurant were we used to eat sometimes:

The freshwater spring and the valley in the back:


He then should me some beautiful places around Chalkidiki on our way back.

We had some lunch and soon after that we parted ways as I had to get to Polykastro and he had to get back home.

Thank you again me friend and if you are ever in/near Holland let me know.

So I got to Polykastro around 16:00 and called my long lost friend Christos.

The route:

He came to pick me up and brought me to his parents house. It was wonderful to meet them again after so many years.

They have a few apartments for rent above there house, one of them is empty and is now my home for a few days. After some catching up we went to see his wife Dina and 3 children, Dimitrios, Eleftheria and Penelope. That evening me and Christos went out for some beers as we had a lot more to catch up on.

More to come soon

4 Responses to Polygyros,Pyrgadikia and Polykastro

  1. Ice

    Ook ik krijg plotseling een flashback naar deze omgeving 🙂
    wel met een brandend zonnetje… nagenieten

  2. Ineke Mulder

    Hé Steven,
    Wat een leuke reis toch, volgens mij ben je geen moment alleen! Daar moeten we toch wat op verzinnen als je thuis komt. Want je pa’s levensvraag: ‘Wie ben ik als er niemand komt kijken’, wordt niet echt beantwoord geloof ik.
    Dat je Panos daar tegen komt: ongelooflijk! Als we in een God en eventuele ‘hulp engelen’ zouden geloven, doet hij toch af en toe wel hele leuke dingen!
    All the best again, love Ineke

  3. Everhard

    Ik probeerde eerder iets te posten, maar dat mislukte. Kijken of het nu wil lukken. Wat een leuke foto’s en gelukkig heeft de waterplaats zich hersteld van de verwoesting die ik er 5 jaar geleden aantrof! En wat een mazzel dat je Panos tegenkwam. Leuk, hoor, dat je in Pierk bent geweest.

  4. Neeltje

    Goh, wat leuk zeg dat je iedereen daar tegen komt – ik herken ze allemaal nog goed. Pirgadikia is ook niet veranderd, het strand de kikkervisjesplek en het paradijs – alles lijkt haast onveranderd. Ook Elephteria en Dimitrios herken ik nog goed. Heb je iedereen de groeten gedaan van me?
    Wij zijn inmiddels weer thuis – ik ben snip verkouden geworden . In Yangon was het 37 graden ofzo en in het vliegtuig met airco en op Schiphol ( 5 graden) heb ik het te pakken gekregen.
    Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je verhalen over de Griekse families. Het duurt nu niet zo lang meer voor je thuis komt. Ik ben de tel kwijt geraakt, maar volgens mij kom je over een dag of 14 thuis. Sarah zal wel blij zijn, denk ik. Ik trouwens ook ! tot gauw Bisous Neeltje en groeten ook van Andre

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