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Vlad and Luda live in a village just outside Odessa with 6 dogs and 4 cats.
And they have welcomed me into there home. This morning I took the minibus into the city with Luda, she went on to work and set me loose in Odessa. I took a picture of the place were I would have to take the bus back to there home.

The old city center is build in squire blocks so it is pretty easy to navigate none the less I bought a map and quickly found my way to the coast.

Wolsly has made it to the black sea.

There are some really beautiful buildings, parks and monuments here.

Old city wall I guess:

It even had a sign post telling me I was in fact not that far from Volgograd, Tbilisi and Yerevan. But it will still be a while before I see those city’s.

Tomorrow I will clean the bike, boots and my leather trousers a bit and make it an easy day. The fact I had to drag the +250 Kg bike out of the mud did not help my back much, nothing serious just some sore mussels. So the rest will be good.
Then Thursday I will continue my trip and move slowly towards the Russian border.

I will try to meet up with Vallerij this weekend.


P.S.  Picture of the route will follow

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  1. Joost

    Kan je nog effe lekker aan het strand liggen daar? zou ik het zeker doen! hier begint de herfst al weer langzaam te komen… :-/ Tenzij het straks in zuid turkije warmer is dan de 25 graden die ik vind.. maarr.. 😉
    Veel plezier!!

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