Moving on to Turkey

Posted by on 1 November 2012

Yesterday was a weird day, we woke up at 4 in the morning to get all our stuff sorted and left at 5 to the airport. The guys from the hotel were so kind to bring Sarah and her luggage. I followed on the bike. Sarah checked in first and we then had some coffee. around 6:15 she had to go. I had mixed feelings after we parted. Of course I was sad she had to leave but I was happy to move on and excited about Turkey. It was still dark when I set of for Gonio. It is a small town after Batumi and close to the Turkish border. It was cold so when I got to Gori I felt like an icecube. There was a big gasstation with a supermarket. I defrosted myself with some hot coffee and watched the sun come up. I filled up at the gasstation and made it to Gonio at around 13:00. As The road was not that interesting I did not make any pictures.

The route:

This morning I realized that there is a 2 hour time difference with Turkey. Since Trabzon is not that far and the check in time in my hotel there was 14:00 I gaught up on some Ride Reports on the ADV forum. Then around 12 (Georgian time)  I made my way to the border.

For Turkey I need a visa, this is not a big problem as it can be bought at the border. So this morning I was sure I did not have enough Lari (Georgian money) to buy one so I took an extra 40 Lari (about 20 euro) from an ATM. But guess what you leave Georgia, no problem there, stamp here, stamp there, and then at the Turkish border they do not except Lari??????

So now I am in no mans land with no Turkish money and they want Lira’s, euro’s or dollars. All I have is 50 Lari, 12 Euro’s and then I remember Ben, a colleague from work, gave me 20 dollar as a gift for my trip. So after some digging through my luggage I made it into Turkey thanks to Ben. So thank you again Ben. The visa costs € 15,- or $ 20,-

I am now in Trabzon, got my first Lira’s from an ATM and changed the Lari’s into Lira’s.

The route:

The view from my hotel room:

Remember those Turkish bikers we met in Georgia, well they sent us some pictures and since I am lacking some here they are:

Thank you Mustafa and see you soon in Istanbul. Tomorrow I will start making my way towards Cappadocia.



3 Responses to Moving on to Turkey

  1. Sophia

    Pffff, Steven, wat een geluk dat je nog euro’s had gekregen. Niet voor niets. Leuke foto’s, ook van jullie samen! Groetjes

  2. Ben

    Ha die Steven!

    Leuk om te lezen dat die 20 dollar goed van pas kwam.
    Veel plezier in Turkije en nog veel veilige kilometers!



  3. Neeltje

    Hallo Steven,
    Je zult het wel prettig vinden om nu in Turkije te zijn. Uit de schaduw van het voormalig communisme.
    Het was leuk om gister Sarah weer op te halen.Ik ben blij dat ze weer thuis is. Morgen gaan wij weer weg.
    Om 10.30 vertrekt ons vliegtuig naar Singapore. We gaan nu even een glaasje wijn drinken bij de buren om afscheid te nemen en vast Liekes verjaardag te vieren. Zij wordt a.s. zaterdag 11 dan zijn we er niet en daarom brengen we nu vast het kadootje. Als we zo terug zijn zet ik de computer aan , misschien kunnen we nog even skypen. Anders weet ik niet wanneer we weer contact hebben. zodra we ergens internet verbinding hebben, zullen we ons melden vanuit Birma. groeten Neeltje en André

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