Made it to Istanbul

Posted by on 15 November 2012

In Selcuk Ben and I saw this Bulgarian bike standing outside the a hotel the night before. We had bought some beer so we sat next to it for a while in hope to meet the person riding it. But he or she never showed. I passed and waited a bit twice more but no luck.

After a day of planing and relaxing a bit it was time for me to move on as well. I left the next morning and went to Ayvalik. It is quite a nice city and has a Greek flavour. There are many small streets with shops and it is easy to get lost. On arrival I found out that the USB connector in the GPS logger had come loose. I tried to fix it in a TV repair shop but only to some avail. I was able to charge the thing again but could not download the stored data anymore.

The next day I went to Termal a small village underneath Yalova. The ride over there was cold and I had to put my wintergloves on. That was the first time during the whole trip that I was that cold.

TomTom could not help me much here. But I found the hotel and I could park the bike on the hotels terrace.

Termal was a strange place to me. It was the first time nobody, apart from some guy at the hotel, spoke any English or German. The place was full with hotels but the menu’s, sign’s, etc where in Turkish and in Arabic. Normally I do not pay attention so much but here it was the first time I saw woman warning burka’s. In a shop I was even asked if I was Muslim before he told me how much I would have to pay him. As if the price would depend on my answer. In the room there was an arrow on the ceiling and at first I wandered what it was for but I soon realised it was pointing to Mecca of course. I slept great but had a ferry to catch and overslept a bit so I had to hurry as the guys we met in Georgia would be waiting for me in Istanbul.

Once at the other side Mustafa picked me up.

And then brought me to the Touratech shop to get my bike sorted:

The guys did a great job and fixed my heated grip, replaced bought rubbers and got the fork done. They did not have the seal in stock but luckily I still had a spare. The removed the scrapings and filled the fork with proper fork oil.

Thank you guys I am a lot more comfortable with both hands warm and knowing the fork is OK again.

There adress:

Touratech Turkey

Sahrayı Cedit Mh.
Cami Sokak, 34734 Istanbul, Turkey
‎Tel: +90 216 360 3263

That night we went to a bike gathering.

 My sticker

Today I got the grand tour of the major sights in Istanbul and as soon as time allows I will share the pictures with you but now I am off for more crazy-dodging-traffic-at-high-speeds-riding through Istanbul.


2 Responses to Made it to Istanbul

  1. Neeltje en Andre

    Hoi Steven We hebben net je verslag gelezen en zijn blij dat alles nu weer in orde is met je motor. Goed als je zulke vrienden hebt onderweg die bekend zijn met motorproblemen. Wij vertrekken morgen naar het zuiden en gaan nog een paar dagen in een hotel bij het strand. We hopen dat je leuke dagen hebt in Istanboel en zijn benieuwd om weer over het vervolg van je reis te lezen en zien.
    Bisous Neeltje en groeten van Andre

  2. Everhard Mulder

    Mooi man. Fijn dat je motor gefikst is. Heb je nog een nieuwe track-controller (of hoe heet dat ding..?) kunnen vinden?
    8 sept. Roger Waters in Arena: kaarten zijn toch slechts 75 euro. Ga je mee? Zaterdag 9 uur start kaartverkoop: ga ik dan proberen. Hoor graag voor die tijd van je of je kan/wil/zult!
    Veel plezier in Istanbul! Groetjes!

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