L’viv day 3

Posted by on 13 September 2012


Lets start with the Hotel, for Dutch standards it is not that expensive and it has a nice garden-like outdoor restaurant, free internet and save parking for my bike. If you will ever go to L’viv make sure you check out the Leotel:

It is located 5 minutes form the main square in the city center with the town hall:

You can go up and in the tower and see the city:

I have been walking around a lot and have some more blisters but will spare you from pictures of my swollen and blistered feet.

“We do not like your car” towing service:

Vova, Mr Blackside, took me out for dinner last night and I had some local dish I forgot the name but it was very tasteful and I enjoyed it with a beer made by the restaurant itself, severed in 1 liter glasses of course. We met again today for lunch and we had local dumplings, a sort of pasta filled with either cheese, meat or potatoes.

Through the Horizons-unlimited communities I came in contact with Valerij Krishen and I gave him my local phone number and two hours after I send him the E-mail I got a call from “West Ukraine Motors” Inviting me over to there workshop.

If you are in ‘L’viv and need some help with your bike give them a call:




Ramon took me for a walk though an outdoor museum with old traditional Ukraine buildings:

Old wooden Church

After that we had a drink on the roof of a building:

We had an alcohol free beer made from bread, again I forgot the name but it is sweet and very good against the thirst.

At this bar from the roof you can throw a coin into a bin, at least try, and make a wish. but a lot of people mis the bin so where we were sitting they had put up large parasols to protect us. There was even a small boy crawling around searching for coins. Him mother was somewhat ashamed.  I do not know why or what the car was doing up there and forget about how it got there.

Valerij Krishen is a Ukrainian guy that went round the world on his bike, but it is hard to find any further information about you my friend?!?!

I hopefully will meet up with him later.

I managed to combine the GPS tracks into one file and it turns out like this:

Tomorrow I am off to Vinnytsia to meet Alex and there should be some sort of bikers event at Zhitomir so maybe we could go and visit that this weekend?

L’viv has been great and I would encourage everybody to come and visit this beautiful city.

A special thanks goes out to Vova, from ADV-rider and the Brothers from West Ukraine Motors.

More to come soon


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  1. Roman (Kuznets)

    Hi man!
    Here is Valerij`s website:
    Have a nice trip (Гарної тобі подорожі)
    best regards!

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