L’viv day 2

Posted by on 12 September 2012

Just pics for today, stories will follow. Lets just say that the Horizons-unlimited contacts have gotten me in contact with others and the whole Ukrainian experience so far is amazing.

West Ukraine Motors workshop:



4 Responses to L’viv day 2

  1. Egbert

    Hey Steven,
    Mooie foto’s man!! Keep ‘m coming!

  2. Panos

    Hey Steven!
    That´ s great to visit your site and see, almost “live”, where you are and what you do! Thanks to Neeltje for mailing us your link. I sent you an e-Mail about your friend Christos in Greece. I wish you a very nice trip, enjoy every moment during it!
    Greetings from Hamburg – ΧΑΙΡΕΤΙΣΜΟΥΣ

  3. sarah doncker

    Hi Steven,

    Nice pictures of the city and of the bikeshop! I’m glad you’re enjoyig it!

    We can wait on the stories, don’t worry. It’s more important that you experience your trip!


  4. Everhard

    Mooi man! Je hebt mooi weer zo te zien en zowaar: een “normale” foto van je! Werd tijd!
    Veel plezier met je neiuwe vrienden en ik ben benieuwd naar al je verhalen!

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