last this and thats for the bike

Posted by on 24 August 2012

The other day when we changed the rear brakepads we noticed that rear brakedisk was near to it’s end. So in with the new…

here is a pic of the old disk

As my dad is getting a bit older bolting on the new disk had him down for a little nap

During his nap he somehow managed to drain the engineoil

We installed a new filter and filled her up with new fresh oil and while the that was settling down we had a little lunch

After Lunch we fiddled around with the pannier mounting system and adjusted the throttle bodies once more. This time also at 3000 rpm which got the exhaustpipes turning red. This would have been a nice pic but we needed to work fast so that the engine would not overheat. There was no time to take pictures. And for the pannier mountings well that is not that interesting.

So the bike is done and now I have to get ready for my last lesson in Russian.




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