last day in Poland

Posted by on 10 September 2012

Today has not been very eventful the day started nice the roads were great but the last 150 Km has been straight like a highway but then with all the inconvenience of roundabouts and traffic-lights.


Yesterday I paid PLN 38 for the camping and believe me they were not really Worth it as the shower was cold and the lights in toilet and shower were only partially working. So when I arrived at today’s camping to my surprise there are cabins and you pay only PLN 50 for them. (defied that by 4 for euro’s) So I got me one of those for the night and the facilities are way better.

There is even a restaurant here with a big grill so Wolsly is having him some meat tonight.

The route:

Tomorrow L’viv, Ukraine. I will stay there for 3 days, I need to get some laundry done and I have to look for a local pre-payed mobile phone and visit the city of course. Also I will try to meet up with Blackside of the ADV-forum.

It is only a short ride into L’viv but I do not know what to will happen at the border, fingers crossed.


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  1. Vlad

    Alex gave you very reasonable advices, listen to him.
    Meanwhile I’d like to offer you to stay in our house when you’ll arrive to Odessa.
    The hotels in the city are expensive, the campsites are in not good conditions and the traffic in the city is terrible. We are living in a village 5 km from the city now, so when you will approach Odessa – give me a call and I will come to take you. I can’t promise that we’ll dedicate too much time to you, we have to work, but you’ll have a place to sleep at least (if you don’t mind a company of 3 dogs + 3 cats in da house).
    My phone is +380xxxxxxxx

    • wolsly

      No problem with cats and dogs, love them. Thank you for the invite.
      See you soon.

  2. Neeltje

    Hoi Steven,
    Een goed idee om in zo’n cabin te gaan slapen. Is je slaapzak gisternacht goed bevallen trouwens?
    Ja, ik kan me voorstellen dat met alles wat we nu weten van wat er aan oorlog , geweld, moord, genocide
    en wreedheden worden begaan je je afvraagt wat Auschwitz voor mensen betekent en dat het wat vervreemdend werkt als je daar betaald rond geleid wordt en geconfronteerd wordt met toendertijd door mensen begane gruwelijkheden zoals je daarvan momenteel op de TV vrijwel dagelijks ook beelden ziet.
    Ik hoop dat je op de rest van je reis ook veel positieve ervaringen zult opdoen met hoe mensen in allerlei
    situaties vriendelijk, aardig en behulpzaam kunnen zijn.Over het geheel genomen is dat toch vaak het geval met mensen.
    Ik ben benieuwd naar je Oekrains avontuur. Alex heeft dat niet gezegd – maar het schijnt dat je ook in de omgang met Oekrainse vrouwen wat terughoudend moet zijn.
    kus Neeltje

  3. Everhard

    Succes bij de grens. Rustig doorademen, je liefste smile opzetten en kalm blijven…..dan gaat dat allemaal heel goed komen!

  4. Alex

    Almost forgot, some general info about Ukraine:
    1. one Euro – about ten Ukrainian hrivnas (HRN), so simly divide everything to ten.
    2.1. Exceeding speed limit less than 20 km/h – no fine – only warning (you can move about 75-79 km/h in any city or village with allowed 60 sign).
    2.2. Exceeding speed limit within 40 km/h range (example – sign 60, you move within 81-99 km/h)- fine from 20 to 30 Euro.
    2.3. Exceeding speed limit more than 40 km/h in city or village – DO NOT DO IT! Thay will take away your driver license.
    Anyway, almost ALWAYS you could give a bribe to a policeman for moving forward without paying fine (bribe 5-10 Euro) or “I don’t understand anything you say” mime also will helps you.
    3. Even one bottle of beer prohibited while you driving.
    4. Fuel: 80 (less than regular)- not recommended, 92 (regular) – recommended, 95 or 98 or 98+ – not recommended, because of high price and lots of forgery.
    5. Recommended fuel-stations “SHELL”, “OKKO”, “WOG”

    • wolsly

      1) Check, that is easy
      2) With the extra weight on the bike my maxium speed has somewhat dropped a bit. Untill now I hardly acceded 90 Km/h. So no speeding for me.
      3) Check, no beer on bike…..shit!
      4) 92 it is then.
      5) look out for SHELL, OKKO and/or WOG

      Again many thanks

  5. sarah doncker

    Nu gaat de avontuur echt beginnen! Prachtige foto’s en leuke kabine. Hoop dat the wolsly meal tasted good! Fingers crossed for 2morrow! Kus

  6. Alex

    Talking about local pre-paid phone in Ukraine. I’m offering you to buy “LIFE” sim-card. It costs about 2.5 Euro and has totally free calls within network all around Ukraine. And one more thing, in Ukraine we do not use pre-paid phones – only sim-cards. If your phone doesn’t locked to any abroad operator – just put sim-card into it. If not – buy sim-card and cheapest cell phone separately (about 10-20 euro for new one)

    • wolsly

      Many thanks Alex.
      Once I have my local number you will receive the first call.
      See you soon.


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