Heavy weight bike lifter needed….

Posted by on 6 July 2012

With all that weight on the bike I found it hard to get her up-right. I therefor lowered the seat so that I could put my whole foot down.

This made it easier but now I had my knees up my neck so to speak. When I bought the bike she was fitted with thingy’s to lower the footrests. I removed them because I did not need them then. Happily for me I kept them and reinstalled them.

Removing the footrests:

Installing the loweringkit:

Also I get a lot of questions about all the stuff going on on the handlebars and the rest of the cockpit:

The WolsPod is a MP3 player that I dismantled added some glove/waterproof buttons to and hooked up to the battery.

This way I do not need to stop, take the gloves off, open the jacket and re-dress every time an album ends.

All the other stuff I thing speaks for itself.

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