Hammer time…….

Posted by on 20 July 2012

Time for some maintenance on the bike.

Valve clearance had to be checked:

It all looked a bit messy and out of tolerance, so I sorted that out:

And remember if it is not working your hammer just ain’t big enough!!!

New Oil for the gearbox and final drive:


Also I installed some new brake pads on the front:



And I had a look at the throttle bodies:

The valves did not need any adjustments but the throttle bodies did.

First I screwed it up, of course. The bike started to run pretty ugly and it sounded like she was ready to die in a noisy death with an explosion to top things off.

But I got it sorted and she is running like a well oiled…………… well uuuuhh……  BMW GS  (It is still a boxer engine after all)

Yesterday I took a pic of all the stuff that I need/hope/want to take:


This should be about all of it, except for the clothes. It sure makes for a big pile of stuff.



P.S. Thanks for all the comments everybody. Even though I don not understand most of it. I did not know that some of my colleagues speak Russian. Special thanks goes out to Google for helping me with the translations.



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  1. Everhard Mulder

    Allemaal in 1 dag gedaan??? Goed man. Fijn dattie nu zo goed als klaar is voor de Tocht der Tochten!

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