Day of firsts and Odessa

Posted by on 17 September 2012


Wild camping

Feeling homesick

Getting stuck in the mud

Visiting a missile launching plant

U-turn on the highway


Yesterday I was told about a missile launching plant that is now a museum and you are able to visit.
It is near the city of Pervomaisk but I could not find at first so I searched for a place to put my tent.
I found a spot in a dried out riverbed covered by some trees.

It turned out not to be so romantic as it sounds. I felt weird being there and I wondered if I had hid the bike well enough, etc, etc. I slept OK and there was a beautiful sun-rice but I was cold and I felt miserable. The tent was wet again and so was the bike. I did not feel like packing but the ground was to wet to sit on and I also did not feel like making coffee. It was the first time I felt homesick and missed Sarah,my house, my family, the cat and a hot shower. Once I got everything packed and on to the bike my mind got set on something else. The ground was wet and slippery but the first 200 meters out of the woods went fine but then there was a big pothole filled with water and I tried to avoid driving in it but the real wheel slipped straight in and I got stuck. Lucky enough I did not drop the bike this time. The rear wheel kept spinning and not getting any grip the hole rear of the bike got covered in mud. There was nothing else to do but take of the bags and try again. That was not enough so I took of the panniers, with the adrenaline flowing and sweat running down my head and back I hauled and got the bike loose. I felt a lot better by then and I was laughing at myself and my stupidities.

Not only the bike looked like this so did I. I think it was some sort of punishment since until now I did not really adventured it out, if you know what I mean….hahaha

After that I put all the stuff back on the bike and went in search for the museum. When I finely found it, thank you again Alex!, I was received with some curiosity and could park the bike inside the museums gates. I got a tour around the plant and visited the most of it but did not understand much about what the guide was saying. Never the less the things laying and standing there were speaking for them self’s.

This missile is about 3 meters in diameter and about 30 meters long:

They had to use this sort of trucks to move the missile’s, not showing but a extra truck was used to push if needed, the tires alone are about my height:

There are two silo’s, one for the missile and one with the control station.
Both are about 30 meters deep and 3 meters in diameter.

The lid on the missile’s silo opens in about 3 or 4 seconds and is made of massif steel.


The control stations is self supporting. It has its own generators for electricity, temperature, humidity and oxygen control.

To get there we passed through a tunnel:

On top of the control station:

Looking down:

Mock-up of one of the control panels inside:

The wals of the silo’s are 6 meters thick concrete reinforced with a metal outer and inner shell about 6 centimeters each. Then the missile and the control station is suspended to protect it from impacts from outside.

After the visit I set out to meet Vlad and his wife Luda in Odessa. I arrived there at around four o ‘clock . We said to meet up at the big concrete sign of Odessa (these sign’s are everywhere) but the spotted me before. We stopped briefly and were of to there house. In order to do so we had to make an U-turn on the road we were on.!!! That was weird. But all was fine.

We had some dinner, a beer and I got a well needed shower.

More for you soon.


4 Responses to Day of firsts and Odessa

  1. Christos

    Go on Steven! And give us more beautifull pictures of Europe. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Raoul

    Steven Wazzzzzzzup man!!!

    Take it easy. Stop visiting all depressive museums! Where are the girls? ok sorry Neeltje…just take some pictures for us of nice girls….(mmm my wife should not read this, sorry G)….ok do it for Chris, he is still single. Anyway, enjoy man, just take it easy, don’t rush from place to place, enjoy…ok I will smoke the ganja for you..but you should enjoy. Take care, we are following you day by day.

    Sim is waiting..

    Raoel, Chris, & Herman.

  3. Neeltje

    Wat een glibberig avontuur en daarna die raketfabriek – je leeft wel inuitersten. Je bent nu wel aan het kuuroord Odessa toe, denk ik. Een bad in de Zwarte Zee lijkt me ook aangenaam na al die modder.
    Ik ben heel benieuwd naar hoe het in Odessa is. In ieder geval mooi weer – heb ik begrepen.
    Groeten aan Vlad en Luda. Heb je mijn mail ook gelezen?

  4. Everhard

    Wild camperen, afzien, ploegen door de modder, ons missen…het gaat goed met je! En besef dat je nog helemaal niet zo lang weg bent en nog een hele tijd hebt te gaan en nog een hele hoop spannende dingen meer gaat beleven. Maar zo ga je een echte grote kerel worden! Ik ga al bijna trots op je worden. Veel succes en het ga je goed!

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