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The first steps to France

The 29th of August I set off from my hometown Amsterdam to Dunkerque in France. We set off at 10:00 hours:

My mom, dad and my good friend Jisse all came to see me off. Sarah followed me by car as we first had a family reunion in Dunkerque to go to.

My km-counter:

The route is not much interesting and we had people waiting so just highways for today. We regrouped at the Dutch/Belgian border for a bit to eat.

The route:





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some more prepping

I could hardly lift the bike from the jiffy so I had to make an extension for it.


And as I wanted to get rid off some extra weight I got rid of some hair and the shampoo:

So now me and the bike are lighter as well as the bike is easier to put up straight from the sidestand…..


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And I am off for real

Today is the real deal all systems are go…..

The route:

Departure from Dunkerque:



I was kind off thinking that off-roading would be something hitting me hard in the face somewhere in Poland or the Ukraine but TomTom guided me through Belgium and took me on some interesting roads, the pics do not really do it justice:

I was amazed by the bike as it got me and all my luggage through without any trouble. It made me feel good that I was able to manage the bike and that we got the “what if I can not do the off road stuff” part out off the way so early in the trip.

The camping is the same as Sarah and me stayed at in June near Stavelot as we had a mix-up then and so I could stay tonight for free.

Setting up:


I got myself some instant pasta and a coke and had my first campsite diner. They had the F1 race here last weekend and I think the owners are tired since the bar is closed so no beer for me but at least they have Internet so I could update my site. It is cold and dark here now so I will jump into my sleeping-bag and settle in for the night.

Tomorrow we are heading for Germany.

Until next time





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Galdenbach Germany, day 2

The night was terribly cold and I did not sleep much. So when I got up I  made some coffee but could not get the water to boil because the stove run out of petrol. So the coffee was horrible. The tent, the bike, everything was wet although it did not rain. I packed as quick as I could and set off for Germany in hope for better weather.

The miserable morning at Stavelot (black and white pic to accommodate my mood):

The sun came out and at about midday it was getting hot.

Somewhere on the road in Germany:


I am amazed by TomTom as it takes me through Germany with the “Avoid Highways” option selected on the most beautiful roads.

The route:

Now 19:30 hours I am sitting in my shorts, showered, fed and drinking a cold beer on a nice camping near Galdenbach. They kindly lend me there Internet access code.

I hope tonight the temperature will be a bit higher and I can sleep a bit better. But I guess since I am w

Tomorrow will be another +300 km’s through Germany to somewhere near Gera.



by the way if you click on a pic you will see a bigger example.



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looooong one for ya up untill Wroclaw Poland

Germany day 2

 The night was a lot better but I might need to get me another sleeping-bag. Nonetheless I slept from 21:00 till 07:15. I refilled the stove and I had myself a nice hot coffee with a sandwich.

The sky was gray when I woke up and at about 11:00 it started raining so I had to put on my Oempa-Loempa outfit (better picture will follow).

The roads where great and the views wonderful albeit the clouds and rain.

 It rained until about 18:30. I got to a campsite at about 16:30, they kindly offered me a cup of coffee and some cake.

I had to set up the tent in the rain and I managed to keep my bed dry.

I installed a power converter in one of my panniers to charge my laptop from the bikes electrical system and it decided just not to do what it is mend for. Spot the problem.

To fix it I just need a soldering iron which I decided not to bring of course.

When it finely stopped raining I went for a walk in the woods to get the blood flowing and the mussels stretched.

The route

 At the campsite there is a restaurant so to boost my spirit a bit I treated myself on a nice steak and a beer or two.

If it rains again tomorrow I will get me a hotel-room for the night.



Germany Day 3

It did not rain today but it was clouded. I slept OK but it was cold in the morning so I packed and set off once I had breakfast. Again the roads where great and twisty.

The sun came out at about 14:30 but I did get myself a hotel room for the night.

No Internet but a big ass old TV and breakfast though.

Since the laptop’s battery was dead I could not charge the GPS logger so the route pic got cut short since it’s battery run dead as well.

I did hang up the tent to dry.

Tomorrow….. Poland!!!!

I do not know if I will had for Wroclaw or had a bit further.

If I do go to there I could look for a hotel again and stay a day to visit.

First stop tomorrow is for a Internet connection so that way I could look for a hotel with a parking-spot and read my E-mail and update the website.

Now off to bed

Sleep tight my friends

Germany day 4

Well the east of Germany is quit low on available internet connections.

First I went back to Löbau witch seems a big place but no internet cafes there…

But I did fiend my friend for the day.

He owns a small shop for model airplanes, RC race cars and electronic components.

Here I am speaking ¼ dutch, ¼ English, ¼ Germany and ¼ French trying to explain to him I want something soldered up  inside the bikes pannier.

Since he did not seem to have an extension cord I took off the pannier and emptied it on his shops floor to get excess to the converter.

Out with the TP and in with the soldering iron.

Anyhow he got it fixed and did not want anything for it in return, I did showered but maybe it was me???

Then I was off to the next big town of Gorlitz or something and again no internet.

I went into a ADAC travel agency, the woman was very helpful but not really capable.

She had internet but could not seem to find an internet connection for me………..?????

Also when I asked if she then could help book a hotel in Wroclaw she said she needed the hotels name, what hotels name I am asking you to find me one!!!!!!!

Needless to say although the kindness this led to nothing.

Off I went to Poland.

I took the highway this time I was a bit fed up with everything and needed to get to somewhere fast.

So here I am in Wroclaw in dens traffic with the bikes engine heating up. I stopped to get some money and had a look around for a Internet cafe again no luck. I fled the city center and found a McCafe with free WiFi….. I am no McDonalds fan but if the clown was there I would probably have kissed him.

Ordered me a bigmac menu and found me hotel for the coming two nights. Save parking for the bike:

And the Hotel has free Internet…tada

Because the last days have been somewhat over budget and the hotels restaurant is closed I went to a nearby supermarket and got me some supplies for tonight’s meal:

There was no more bread other then some croissants  but hé I am not here to judge….

The route:

Tomorrow is a rest day and then on Sunday I will visit Auschwitzs and look for a camping in that area. After that it is off to the Ukraine border and I will most likely be L’viv on Tuesday.

See ya

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Wroclaw, Wolsly’s first day off

Yesterday I decided that today would be a rest day well that turned out to be rest day for the bike.

Driving to the hotel I saw this sign:

It states that it is only 4 Km away. Hell not!!! At Least not the way I walked.

In general I have a good sense off direction and I can be a bit determent or even as some might say stubborn but if I want something I will get it one way or the other. So off I went to solve one problem.

It was a nice walk passing some interesting things but it took me through a field and alongside a highway to cross a river.


At some point I thought Poland had gotten the best of my sense of direction, if you look well you can see the “now leaving Wroclaw” sign on the left:

So I turned back but was not willing to give up I then took an other road and found this:

They did not sell sleeping-bags there so I continued.

The ministers must have had a party last night as the clock was a few hours off. It must have been about 11:00 o’ clock when I past.

I did find the Dechatlon and next to it was an Auchan;

The thing was so big it contained a Mediamarkt the size off the one in Amsterdam zuid-oost.

On my way back I discovered the secret off Poland not having a economical crisis:

Chuck approves the banks here!!!!!!

I got what I wanted and solved one problem, a new sleeping-bag:

I bought me a +15 deg sleeping-bag, now I here you thinking you have a +10 deg bag now why  would you buy one that is mend for higher temperatures. Well I bought it big enough to fit the +10 bag and compering the volume of a -5 deg bag or even a 0 deg bag I knew I could not fit one of those in my waterproof rolls. The only thing is I still needs to get rid of something I just do not know what.

And Murphy is always close by………………………. One thing solved means other things arise:

Once I treated the blisters and had my lunch, bought at Auchan, I went out to a near by park to do some reading:

But it soon started raining so I haded back to the hotel.

Tomorrow Auschwitz and camping again. I do not know when I will have Internet again maybe at some happy clowns place selling burgers.

The weather should be getting better the coming days and I am hoping for some warm days riding.



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I had my breakfast and set off at 08:45.

I arrived at Auschwitz at about 12:30. You can not enter the site alone but have to go with a tour guide. Luckily for me the next one started at 13:00 hours.

The death/concentration-camp is in fact build up out of 3 sites. When the main camp became to small they build another not far and much much bigger. Then there is a third near the rubber/plastic/paint factory. The tour visits the main and the bigger one. But after visiting the main camp I had my share of death and hate and would not have liked an other 1 and a ½ hour more.

Anyway normally I do not like this kind of mass tourist things. Do not get me wrong Auschwitz is not anything like an amusement park but I kind of feel weird to stand in line to see other peoples pain and despair and pay for it.

My feelings towards monuments are a bit double I mean we conserve this kind of places to remind us about what happened and of course we should, killing 1.3 million people in just this camp is not easily overlooked and forgotten but on the other hand we should not dwell in the past to much. There are still wars going on and the weapon industry is bigger then ever. So what did we learn? The one whit the biggest gun wins!?!?

Power leads to creed and corrupts and that has always been the case. People in high positions being political, commercial, religious and even in charity often have hidden agendas and do not have the best intentions for the once involved. How can this world be still be so torn apart? We had to endure two world wars and even dropped an A-boms to top things off. And still we going head to head saying my Allah/God/Shiva or what ever is bigger then yours!

Live and let live.

War is the biggest scar in human history!!!!!

On a lighter note I searched for a camping about 50 km away to clear my head and again TomTom took me by surprise and guided me through a beautiful mountains. And the weather was getting better and better

The campsite for the night:

And the odo-meter:

And the route:


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last day in Poland

Today has not been very eventful the day started nice the roads were great but the last 150 Km has been straight like a highway but then with all the inconvenience of roundabouts and traffic-lights.


Yesterday I paid PLN 38 for the camping and believe me they were not really Worth it as the shower was cold and the lights in toilet and shower were only partially working. So when I arrived at today’s camping to my surprise there are cabins and you pay only PLN 50 for them. (defied that by 4 for euro’s) So I got me one of those for the night and the facilities are way better.

There is even a restaurant here with a big grill so Wolsly is having him some meat tonight.

The route:

Tomorrow L’viv, Ukraine. I will stay there for 3 days, I need to get some laundry done and I have to look for a local pre-payed mobile phone and visit the city of course. Also I will try to meet up with Blackside of the ADV-forum.

It is only a short ride into L’viv but I do not know what to will happen at the border, fingers crossed.


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