Belgium beware…… here we come/came/went

Posted by on 1 July 2012

Because we will be spending 2 weeks together in Georgia and Armenia in October I thought it would be a good idea to go for a test run to the Ardennen. So with everything packed on to the bike we set off on Thursday:

We followed the highway up to Weert and then with the guidance of TomTom we followed the small zigzag roads to Stavelot:

By pure coincidence, as I am not a sports fanatic, it is next to the Belgian F1 racetrack of Spa-Francochamps. And guess what?? It was classic sportsbike weekend. So there were a lot of other bikers on the camping. Friday night ended up sharing stories and getting pretty drunk.

We did not go to see the races but we did visit the tracks museum. Some of the bikes they had on display would be right into RtwDoug’s alley (if you do not know him please look him up on the interweb):

Some army bikes:

A small 50cc racer:

As Saturday was rainy and clouded we just walked around enjoying the surroundings, it gets hilly up there and Holland is pretty flat as you might know:

We planned on staying until today (Sunday, 01 Jul 2012) but the “Tour de France” starts today in Luik/Liege, Belgium of all places, again not a big sports fan here!

Some of the roads would be blocked so we decided to head back on Saturday. And just as well because the weather was fine and we got back home dry. Today might have been different as we totally forgot our waterproofs……

We again enjoyed some lovely small zigzag roads back up to Maastricht and since we are not yet part of the “Iron-butt” club we then took the highway back to Amsterdam.

After all it was a good weekend testing the tent, sleeping materials, cooking stuff and best of all the awkward moments such as: Why did I forget my waterproofs?, how do I get the stove running without a lighter? or how do I get my pans/plates/cups clean without a sponge/brush or dish-soap?

Some shots of us on the camping:


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