back to school it is then……….

Posted by on 29 July 2012

My Russian self studies did not really work out well.

Thankfully I found  Kristina who is willing to help me out with some lessons and giving me a crash course. Tomorrow is lesson number 2. Better not to disappoint her so I guess I better get some more homework done. I found a online Russian rock station so up with the volume and start learning you lazy piece of ………

Wolsly….. or better yet in Russian:


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  1. wolsly

    oké here we go:
    Украине = Ukraine
    понимают русский = understand/speak russian
    So it should say something like:
    You ……. (maybe???) know that in the Ukraine most people understand/speak russian.

    Now Google:

    By the way, you know that in Ukraine, almost everyone understands Russian, and most of it talking?

  2. Alex

    Кстати, ты знаешь что в Украине практически все понимают русский и большинство на нем разговаривает?
    Try to translate!

  3. Sarah

    I made my homework correctly: Давай рок-н-ролл
    I would make Kristina proud of me, ;D
    Leer ze nog,

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