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I had my breakfast and set off at 08:45.

I arrived at Auschwitz at about 12:30. You can not enter the site alone but have to go with a tour guide. Luckily for me the next one started at 13:00 hours.

The death/concentration-camp is in fact build up out of 3 sites. When the main camp became to small they build another not far and much much bigger. Then there is a third near the rubber/plastic/paint factory. The tour visits the main and the bigger one. But after visiting the main camp I had my share of death and hate and would not have liked an other 1 and a ½ hour more.

Anyway normally I do not like this kind of mass tourist things. Do not get me wrong Auschwitz is not anything like an amusement park but I kind of feel weird to stand in line to see other peoples pain and despair and pay for it.

My feelings towards monuments are a bit double I mean we conserve this kind of places to remind us about what happened and of course we should, killing 1.3 million people in just this camp is not easily overlooked and forgotten but on the other hand we should not dwell in the past to much. There are still wars going on and the weapon industry is bigger then ever. So what did we learn? The one whit the biggest gun wins!?!?

Power leads to creed and corrupts and that has always been the case. People in high positions being political, commercial, religious and even in charity often have hidden agendas and do not have the best intentions for the once involved. How can this world be still be so torn apart? We had to endure two world wars and even dropped an A-boms to top things off. And still we going head to head saying my Allah/God/Shiva or what ever is bigger then yours!

Live and let live.

War is the biggest scar in human history!!!!!

On a lighter note I searched for a camping about 50 km away to clear my head and again TomTom took me by surprise and guided me through a beautiful mountains. And the weather was getting better and better

The campsite for the night:

And the odo-meter:

And the route:


2 Responses to Auschwitz

  1. Martijn

    Hey Steven,
    Leuke berichten allemaal nu begint het er op te lijken, we dachten nog dat je Belgie niet ging halen (geintje). Ziet er in ieder geval indrukwekkend uit en ja je hebt in ieder geval iets te melden wat er toe doet.
    Ik lees in ieder geval je posts met veel plezier.
    Have fun en ik lees je wel weer..

  2. Everhard

    Indrukwekkend. Goed dat je er geweest bent en fijn hoe je reageert! Wat mensen elkaar aandoen is verschrikkeljk en wanneer stopt dat nu eens??? Mag ik hier ff reklame maken voor wat jij ook heel mooi vindt? “Stand by me” van “musicians around the world” zie:
    Goddank is dat er ook en mooi dat je op je motor reklame maakt voor deze lui!
    Geniet van het mooie weer: wij hadden een fraai weekend maar er wordt herfstachtig weer voorspeld!
    Kus! Everhard

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