a little to much

Posted by on 27 August 2012

Last saturday I had a “will see you again in four months” party.






We all ended up pretty drunk and I only have vague memories from the last 2 hours or so. I must have felt bad and went to bed but some of my friends were not having that:



I seem to be happy at least…….

Thanks to everyone who was there, we had a blast (well…. as far as I van remember)


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  1. Menno

    Haha lol nice pics, would have been great for your passport, the last one then 😉
    Again good luck with your trip Bro !

  2. sarah doncker

    Well I do remember the whole evening and I did, stil have a blast!!
    It was definitely a great party!

    We have a few months to come to throw you a “Welcome Back Party”. Be prepared!!


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